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FIT4RRI is in its second year now and the project moves from the analysis phase to testing the first results. After looking at trends, barriers and drivers of Responsible Research & Innovation and Open Science in an extensive literature review and benchmarking process, considering also sectoral and geographical perspectives, we now dive into the testing phase on how RRI and …

Alprazolam Online India

Order Cheap Xanax Online

What are  the challenges and opportunities when opening up research to the needs and values of society? How to implement Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in research institutions? At the 4th NUCLEUS Conference taking place 11-12 October, 2018 in Valetta, the EU-funded project will present results from three years of testing and analyzing RRI practices. NUCLEUS’ aims at a long-term shift towards a culture of …

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Order Xanax Australia

These last two weeks were marked with two important events: International Women’s Day, a renowned event for celebrating women’s personal and professional achievements in all the spheres of social life. The second one, equaly important, the Science Education Day, dedicated to all the educators out there, who in different ways, engaging children and adults in science by fostering human’s natural curiosity. …

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Buy 2Mg Xanax Online Not Canadian

FIT4RRI is a 3 year project under “Science with and for Society”, funded by the European Commission. It has been created to activate institutional changes in RFPOs and bridge the gap between the potential role and actual limited impact of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Open Science (OS) on Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFPOs). It will act on …

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Buy Xanax From Canada

Interview answered by Dr. Birgit Schmidt from Göttingen State and University Library, Scientific Manager / Project Coordinator Electronic Publishing. 1.    Does your organization have an open access strategy? And how are you implementing it? With the aim to make the research results of its researchers as widely accessible and usable as possible, the University of Göttingen jointly with the University …

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Buy Xanax Spain

Interview answered by Heidrun Åm, Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway. 1.    Does your organization have an open access strategy? And how are you implementing it? Yes, we publish post-prints in the University Library system that is openly accessible to publics. The University Library at our University (the Norwegian University of Science and …

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Can You Get Xanax Prescription Online

Interview answered by Nancy Pontika, Open Access Aggregation Officer at CORE based at the Open University in UK. 1.    Does your organization have an open access strategy? And how are you implementing it? CORE is an Open University (OU) project and is jointly funded by the OU and Jisc. CORE is a global full text aggregator of Open Access …

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Alprazolam Online Purchase

Interview answered by Sarah Roughley, Scholarly Communications Librarian at The University of Liverpool in the UK; and Matina Tsalavouta, Research and Impact Marketing and Communications Manager at the University of Liverpool in the UK. 1.    Does your organization have an open access strategy? And how are you implementing it? Yes we do have a policy which is publically available here: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/research/our-research/research-environment/open-access-data-management/; …