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The Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra organized the event Let’s do it together!: How to implement Open Science practices in research projects in Madrid, on the 30th November 2019, targeting researchers and beneficiaries of Madrid autonomous community funding programmes in the period 2018-2019 . The objectives of this workshop were to integrate RRI in … Cheapest Xanax

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On December 5th, the University Library in Göttingen opened their doors and welcomed about 18 organizers of “Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)” trainings. The goal of the workshop was to get to know each other, learn more about didactics and exchange best practices. Fit for RRI gave out some travel stipends, and I was lucky to receive … Discount Xanax Online

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On November 14 and 15, the Young Academy of Slovenia, the association of Slovenian doctoral candidates and early career researchers, along with the Slovenian RDA Node (coordinated by the Slovenian Social Science Data Archive), the NI4OS project (the University Library Maribor and the Academic Research Network of Slovenia), the University of Maribor and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, … Xanax Online Sverige

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Putting Responsible Research & Innovation into practice What is meant when talking about RRI? Why should you bother and how do you actually start to practice RRI? This short animated video will introduce you to the main principles of responsible research practices and will guide you to take first steps  towards RRI and Open Science. Context This video intends to … Argentina Xanax Online

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Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Open Science (OS) are basic actions within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission. But are these concepts as widely known among the scientific community as expected?  The FIT4RRI Consortium designed a survey on the degree and consensus towards RRI and Open Science and their role in R&I governance.  Are you are … Buy Authentic Xanax

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What is Open Science and responsible research? What are opportunities, what are challenges? In September 2019, scientists, policy makers and representatives from around the world came together in Porto for the 2nd Open Science Fair. Open Science faces many challenges. Mainly traditional research habits accompanied by non-incentive institutional and funder reward systems, the lack of embedded tools and services, and … Mexico Xanax Buy Online

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FIT4RRI Experiments FIT4RRI is conducting four co-creation experiments to observe Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Open Science in action. Our experiments are an exercise of engaging the quadruple helix actors (university, industry, policy makers, society) into the design and implementation of research projects. Our intention is to understand how institutions need to change their organisational frameworks to allow better … Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

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Mapping and Benchmarking of trends, barriers to and drivers of RRI and Open Science In July 2018, the FIT4RRI Work Package 1 “Mapping and benchmarking” completed its journey. Its aim was to develop a comprehensive picture influences on RRI and Open Science: On the one hand focusing on the major trends, barriers to and drivers of  Responsible Research & Innovation and … Xanax Order Online - Canada