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The FIT4RRI consortium is organizing a series of interactive online workshops to reflect and exchange views on the Guidelines on Governance Settings for Responsible and Open Science developed within the project. These guidelines are intended to deal with a complex set of issues, proposing a pathway for activating institutional change processes towards RRI and OS in organizations. The online workshops …

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Can You Buy Xanax At Walgreens

We are happy to announce that the European Commission approved a 6 month project extension for FIT4RRI. As you can imagine our project ran into several difficulties due to the Covid19 spread. In March 2020, we planned to held our final summit RRI4real in Rome. In these exact weeks, Italy was hit extremely hard by the virus and it was …

Alprazolam Online India

Order Cheap Xanax Online

On the 30 and 31st of January the IN – Innovation and Project Management Srl organized the From Responsible Research and Innovation to Open Science training session in Udine, Italy. This was a practical workshop on how to apply RRI within and beyond EU-funded projects and how to engage effectively with different stakeholders and a set of tools was provided …

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Order Xanax Australia

The Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra organized the event Let’s do it together!: How to implement Open Science practices in research projects in Madrid, on the 30th November 2019, targeting researchers and beneficiaries of Madrid autonomous community funding programmes in the period 2018-2019 . The objectives of this workshop were to integrate RRI in …

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Buy 2Mg Xanax Online Not Canadian

The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München organized a two-day workshop for PhD students and young researchers on the 28 to 30th November 2019. The goal of this workshop was to provide research interested students and doctoral students from the social sciences from different German universities with practical knowledge of Open Science and to empower them with the skills to disseminate the knowledge to …

Can You Order Xanax From Canada

Buy Xanax From Canada

On December 5th, the University Library in Göttingen opened their doors and welcomed about 18 organizers of “Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)” trainings. The goal of the workshop was to get to know each other, learn more about didactics and exchange best practices. Fit for RRI gave out some travel stipends, and I was lucky to receive …

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Buy Xanax Spain

FIT4RRI partners Ciência Viva and University of Minho are organizing an Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) train the trainers Bootcamp for Portugal. This two-day event aims at building capacity for OS and RRI at national level. It will take place in Proença-a-Nova the 12th-13th March. On the one hand this training focuses on improving Open Science and …

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Can You Get Xanax Prescription Online

The FIT4RRI consortium is organizing its final summit “RRI for real: Shaping the future of open science and society relations” marking the end of our three-year project. The summit RRI4real will happen in March 19-20, 2020 in Sapienza University, Rome. The FIT4RRI project recognised a gap between the potential role and the actual impact Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and …

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Alprazolam Online Purchase

On November 14 and 15, the Young Academy of Slovenia, the association of Slovenian doctoral candidates and early career researchers, along with the Slovenian RDA Node (coordinated by the Slovenian Social Science Data Archive), the NI4OS project (the University Library Maribor and the Academic Research Network of Slovenia), the University of Maribor and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, …