Online Workshops on the FIT4RRI Guidelines on Governance Settings for Responsible and Open Science

The FIT4RRI consortium is organizing a series of interactive online workshops to reflect and exchange views on the Guidelines on Governance Settings for Responsible and Open Science developed within the project.

These guidelines are intended to deal with a complex set of issues, proposing a pathway for activating institutional change processes towards RRI and OS in organizations.

The online workshops are being held at a national level by the project partners, targeting policy-makers and representatives of a diversity of institutions in each of the respective countries.

The first two online workshops were organized by Universidade do Minho – Portugal in the 2nd of June, and by the South East European Research Centre (SEERC) – Greece in the 4th of June. The invited participants were asked to reflect on the challenges of implementing institutional changes, how to mobilize the key actors, which are the key factors for triggering institutional changes and how to effectively start this process.

More events will follow shortly in Italy and Germany.

Also within the project we’re holding an Awareness & Consensus Survey. We’re looking forward to your participation!

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