Open Science Bottom Up: An Open Science Workshop for Students and Doctoral Students

The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München organized a two-day workshop for PhD students and young researchers on the 28 to 30th November 2019. The goal of this workshop was to provide research interested students and doctoral students from the social sciences from different German universities with practical knowledge of Open Science and to empower them with the skills to disseminate the knowledge to other students.

Participants were familiarized with core Open Science concepts, such as preregistration of studies, open data, open access, and open materials, and the last third of the workshop was dedicated to train the participants in the skills to disseminate the knowledge, including relevant procedural knowledge (e.g., where to find workshop material, how to plan a training etc).

Resulting from this event, the following presentations have been made available in the FOSTER portal:
Open Science introduction
Open Data and Materials
Präregistrierung (Preregistration)
Practical data anonymization
Open Science in the Research Process

This workshop received a grant from the FIT4RRI project within its call for training events on Responsible Research and Innovation and Open Science, and 25 students attended it.

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