Putting Responsible Research & Innovation into practice – Animated Video

Maxie GottschlingFIT4RRI Project, Open Science, RRI

Putting Responsible Research & Innovation into practice

What is meant when talking about RRI? Why should you bother and how do you actually start to practice RRI?

This short animated video will introduce you to the main principles of responsible research practices and will guide you to take first steps  towards RRI and Open Science.


This video intends to inform researchers about the basic idea of Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) and Open Science. The video defines the term RRI and explains why it is important to take open research practices into account in scientific work. It shows the first steps how to put RRI into practice. The film guides to FIT4RRI training courses and guidelines for the institutional change towards RRI and Open Science.



  • Video Production by Neue Big 
  • Script Writing: Helene Brinken (SUB Göttingen) , Maxie Gottschling (SUB Göttingen), Daniela Berto (Neue Big) 
  • English Editing and Proofreading: Victoria Gosling 
  • Design Concept, Storyboard and Illustrations by Alpaca (Daniele De Rosa, Giulia Bonora) 
  • Animation Direction: Daniele Arcuri 
  • Voice Narration: Nikki Thomas
  • Sound Design: Alexandros Finizio