FIT4RRI consortium meeting in Maastricht

Helene BrinkenFIT4RRI Project, Public Statement

FIT4RRI consortium group picture

FIT4RRI consortium group picture

FIT4RRI is at the end of its second year and the project is in the middle of the co-creation experiment testing phase. The consortium met in Maastricht in the Netherlands from 14-15th May 2019 to discuss recent developments and future actions.  

The project partners presented the progress of their work. After an successful call for FIT4RRI trainings, the winners were presented. Furthermore, work package “Training Tools and Actions” discussed the plan for trainings and webinars.

Work package 5 – “Governance settings” presented the brand new guidance documents for governance settings. The documents are currently being revised and will be published by the end of the year.


Pedro Principe presenting WP4

FIT4RRI experiments

On the second day the partners involved in the experiments presented their work.

  1. University of Liverpool reported about the implementation of Ethics and Science Education into recent research practices. The team members put together focus groups of internal and external stakeholders and asked them about the perception of certain ethical issues based on case study about a monitoring system for health and social care applications. Group discussions, telephone interviews and workshops were organized.
  2. Open University is currently working on the establishment of a text and data mining (TDM) process for non-open-access publications. In their FIT4RRI experiment they bring together experts from different groups, e.g. from publishing systems, TDM and industry for a discussion of the legality, security and  traceability of usage and monitoring of  non-open-access publications.
  3. Project partner ISQ reported about their work on creating an RRI model for their institution. In several workshops, interviews, workshops they mapped their activities and measured key performance indicators to pursued the question of the perception of RRI in their team. 
  4. The fourth experiment, conducted by Sapienza University, focuses on the establishment of the first RRI-based research centre. Initially the project team set up a seminar with 12 participants to design the core governance elements of the research centre through the Theory of Change (ToC). The seminar content based on four criteria: user perspective, financial perspective, internal processes & growth and innovation.  The team developed a set of indicators and objectives for each component. In a Co-creation workshop they revised and implemented the indicators.

Stay tuned for more information about the experiments in our blog.

Thank you also to Maastricht University for hosting the fifth Consortium Meeting, it was a great pleasure having all the partners reunited.


We can now announce you that the next General Assembly will be held from 30 September to 1 October 2019 at the South East European Research Centre – SEERC in Thessaloniki, Greece.