FIT4RRI Celebrates: IWD2018 and Science Education Day!

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These last two weeks were marked with two important events: International Women’s Day, a renowned event for celebrating women’s personal and professional achievements in all the spheres of social life. The second one, equaly important, the Science Education Day, dedicated to all the educators out there, who in different ways, engaging children and adults in science by fostering human’s natural curiosity.

Here is why these events are important for the FIT4RRI project:

International Women’s Day

FIT4RRI is intended to help mainstream Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) & Open Science in Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFPOs) through transforming them into a set of strategies and means symplifying their current task.

Responsible Research and Innovation has 6 key components, and one of them is Gender parity in STEM and there are more than 20 amazing women in FIT4RRI consortium, all of them professionals in their sphere and we wanted to celebrate their success!

Science Education Day

Science Education Day is the opportunity to show gratitude to the teachers and scientists for sharing their passion for science. FIT4RRI partners promote science education through their daily work, and in honor of this day we celebrate their impact.

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