FIT4RRI taking part in Open Access Week

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Interview answered by Andrea Riccio, member of Sapienza grant office team. She works in the writing and management of European proposal, with a focus on Responsible Research and Innovation. 
1.    What does Open Access mean to you as a research manager?

Open access represents the path towards a growing demand for transparency about research outputs and outcomes and about public spending. Moreover Open Access is a tool to foster research accountability and reputation and possibly to favour the engagement of society into research issues.

2.    Why was FIT4RRI project created and what was its relation to Open Access?

FIT4RRI starts from a double perspective:

  • RRI should create impacts in the daily life and activities of researchers, engaging them – especially those involved in hard sciences – in RRI through customised training tools;
  • RRI and OS can promote viable strategies to activate institutional changes in research funding and performing organisations (RFPOs), enabling them to cope with  the rapid transformation processes affecting science nowadays.

Open Access is for sure an important part of this effort towards an open and responsible institutional change favouring knowledge sharing as well as the integration of science in society.

3.    How is FIT4RRI aiming to improve Open Access?

FIT4RRI will include specific training tools about Open Access, starting from the outputs of FOSTER project that represents a benchmark on the theme. More in detail, the taxonomy implemented for FIT4RRI will address OA both in terms of routes available (e.g. green vs gold OA) and of its capacity of generating social impact and visibility. 

4.    Open in order…

…not to leave anyone behind in the science debate.

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